Dial-Up Line Switches

TS-2005-RM Call Processor TS-2005 Call Processor - single line device with 4 or 8 device ports.

20 - 160VDC (10 - 160VDC optional) universal power input for all common station DC supplies. Extended temperature range for extreme environments. Especially useful for multiple meter reading applications. Priority Device Line seize.

Auto Answer mode including extension off-hook disconnect, CPC disconnect.

Can be connected in parallel across phone line if more than 8 device ports required.

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TS-2005 Call Processor TS-2005 Call Processor - single line device with 4 or 8 device ports. This unit automatically answers incoming calls and based on tones / DTMF code string received, steers the call to the respective device ports. 30,000+ units have been successfully installed to date. The wide range of power supply inputs as well as the emergency line seize capability have made this unit particularly attractive for electric utilities.

Alternatively, this unit has 4 device ports with up to 8 form A or B relay contact outputs for remote control. Typically the latter can be used for remote reset of computers and ancillary equipment.

Available power inputs include 117 VAC, 10-30 VDC & 20-160VDC. The latter can be used with 24 or 48 VDC communication power supplies as well as with 129 VDC electric utility station supplies.

These units can be ordered for operation in industrial temperature environments.

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LINESHIELD LINESHIELD - The LINESHIELD LS-108 is a telephone line sharing switch with call authentication and logging capability. It is typically located at utility substations and connects between the phone line and up to eight (up to 16 for the LS-116) dial-up devices such SCADA equipment, IEDs and meters. The LS-108 handles both incoming and outgoing calls and can be installed into existing dial up circuits with few changes to the existing dial up parameters.

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DID 2 x8 Call Processor DID 2 x8 Call Processor - Two line device with 8 device ports - works similar to the TS-2005 except it can steer incoming calls to a particular device port from either line.

Ring Commander Ring Commander - Single line device with either 2 or 3 device ports. Automatically steers distinctive rings to the respective device. Single rings appear at device 1, double rings appear at device 2 and triple rings appear at device 3. The unit is phone line powered.

4 x 8 Line Concentrator with 911 capability 4 x 8 Line Concentrator with 911 capability - 4 line inputs and 8 device ports - allows up to 8 devices to share 4 telephone lines. Units can be paralleled for sharing the same 4 lines with 16 or more devices.

If a particular device is busied out because all lines are already occupied by other devices, emergency 911 calls can still be made by that busied out device. This is useful in jurisdictions where 911 call capability is mandatory.

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2 x 4 & 2 x 8 Line Concentrator with 911 capability 2 x 8 Line Concentrator with 911 capability - 2 line inputs with either 4 or 8 device ports. The units works in a similar fashion as the 4x8 units described above.

X x Y (up to 15 Lines x 32 Terminals) Line Concentrator X x Y Line Concentrator - up to 15 line inputs and 32 terminal ports. Automatically finds and sets itself up to the available line inputs. Checks if line is available before allowing terminal to line connection. Connections to lines and terminals is via rear 50 pin AMP connectors.

MD-2005 Modem Disconnect Switch MD-2005 Modem Disconnect Switch - if data traffic is detected on any of the lines (8 maximum), the switch will release the device. The switch is used where it is desirable to keep modem traffic off a group of voice lines. Alternatively, it can be used to prohibit unauthorized data traffic on what is supposed to be a voice line only.

CRC-2005 Centrex Ring Converter Switch CRC-2005 Centrex Ring Converter Switch - converts a multiple ring cadence into a normal single 2 second ring pattern. The switch will handle up to 4 lines. Alternatively, it could be used to convert one ring pattern to another.

PS-2005 Priority Switch PS-2005 Priority Switch - single line device which connects 2 devices - one being a priority device - to one phone line. If the priority device attempts an outgoing call, it will wrest control from the non priority device. The non priority device will now get a busy tone indicating that the line is occupied by the priority device. Incoming calls are routed to the non priority device. All parameters are programmable to handle all situations.

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