Features & Benefits


    • Works with leading operating systems including Windows XP, Vista and Unix
    • Works with existing substation hardware and software. No changes to existing SCADA Systems

    Cost Savings

    • Remote devices have line sharing capabilities which allow up to 16 devices to be connected to a single phone line
    • Provides the ability to use lower cost dialup lines while being NERC CIP compliant

    NERC CIP Compliance

    • Maintains logs for all activities at host, portable and remote sites
    • Generates activity reports to enable easy NERC CIP audit compliance
    • Supports NERC CIP standards 002-009
    • Unique passwords and authorization for each unit


    • Each LINESHIELD unit is factory configured with a unique serial number and customer ID.
    • Authenticated and authorized connections
    • Authenticated outbound dialing from substations (two way authentication)
    • Each Unit contains a list of other Units and their respective security codes that that are authorized to connect to it.
    • CAS Stores and maintains a database of all LINESHIELD unit configurations and activity logs. Logs can be analyzed for any potential security risks
    • The LINESHIELD unit does not allow multiple attempts at authentication. If authentication fails the call is immediately dropped.
    • The CAS computer assigns security codes. System Users and Administrators have no access to these codes. They can only initiate a change.
    • All changes to LINESHIELD Unit configurations can only be done via the CAS.
    • LINESHIELD units produce no modem tones when the call is answered preventing possible attackers from identifying the type of equipment attached to the line.
    • Decentralized Operation. LINESHIELD Units work independently. Central Administration Computer is only required for administration. If the CAS is not available Units will keep working.


  • CAS System built on Industrial PC platform using low maintenance extended life components
  • LINESHIELD units have LCD displays and USB port for easy programming and trouble shooting
  • 8 port and 16 port versions for remote sites
  • Minimal impact on connection times
  • Rack (single or in pairs) or wall mountable (brackets included)

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