We only have a few circuits that require upgrading to be NERC CIP compliant. What is the minimum system required for us to become compliant?

Only two units are required, a LS-101 Host unit and a LS-108 Remote unit (if there is only one device at the remote end that requires protection, the eight port LS-108 Remote could be substituted with a single port LS-101 Host unit). Data logs can be downloaded with a laptop via the readily accessible front panel USB port. A CAS central computer is not required. CAS only makes it more convenient to gather records and manage the Host and Remote LINESHIELD units. For larger systems (greater than say 6 - 12 remotes sites, CAS should be used.

Is there a trade in program for existing non-secured line sharing switches?

Yes there is. Talk to us and we will be happy to provide you with a trade in program on a case by case basis to assist in any LINESHIELD conversions that you wish to implement.

Is there an incentive program to be the first purchaser of LINESHIELD product in a particular NERC regional entity?

Yes again. Talk to us!

Rather than using the LINESHIELD CAS (Central Computer System), is it possible to interface with other data gathering systems for downloading / managing the LINESHIELD units?

Yes it is possible. The LINESHIELD units in the Host site perimeter could be connected via their optional Ethernet ports and then to the other party data gathering system. One must appreciate that although it is possible, a thorough technical understanding is required before undertaking such connectivity. Talk to us!

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