An Effective NERC CIP Compliant Solution Against Cyber Attacks

The Selcom LINESHIELD System provides an effective shield against cyber attacks on dialup devices. By allowing only authenticated and authorized connections between application computers and substation dial-up equipment the LINESHIELD prevents unauthorized connections to your remote locations.

The LINESHIELD units have built-in line sharing capability that depending on the configuration, allows you to connect up to 16 remote devices through a single phone line. LINESHIELD fits seamlessly between your application modems and phone lines.




  • Works with all leading operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, and UNIX
  • Works with existing substation hardware and software
  • No changes to existing SCADA Systems

Cost Savings

  • Remote devices have Line Sharing capabilities which allow up to 16 devices to be connected to a single phone line
  • Use lower cost dialup lines while being NERC CIP compliant

NERC CIP Compliance

  • Maintains logs for all activities at host, portable and remote sites
  • Generates Activity reports to enable easy NERC CIP audit compliance
  • Supports NERC CIP standards 002-009
  • Unique passwords and Authorization for each Unit

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