NERC/CIP Information

NERC CIP Compliance by the LINESHIELD Authenticating Switch

NERC CIP Requirement/Category Section Number LINESHIELD Feature
Reports and Logs CIP-003-1
  • searchable activity logs
  • user reports
  • authorized user lists
  • details of individual units and activity
  • reports of unusual activity such as unauthorized access attempts
  • Logs stored in Central Administration System and in the remote units
  • exportable data files
Password protection and user access control CIP-004-1
  • Strong password authentication
  • Detailed user permissions (administrator can revoke user rights)
  • Individual unit authorizations
  • User rights set by administrator on an individual basis
User Rights Termination CIP-004-1
  • Administrator termination of user rights
  • Administrator decommissioning of remote units
  • Automatic suspension of Portable devices if not used within a defined timeframe
Dial Up Security CIP-005-1
  • Authorized and authenticated access
  • Single attempt at log in per call
  • Calls only between authorized units defined on an individual basis
Access Control Management CIP-003-1
  • Central Administration to control all system activity
  • Changes made in the field overridden by changes in the Central Administration System Software
  • CAS Hardware only used in the application not shared for other uses and is not accessible by unauthorized users
Personnel Security CIP-004-1
  • Expiration of user Authorization/rights
  • time sensitive termination of user rights
  • permanent record and tracking of suspended equipment/accounts
Recovery Plans CIP-009-1
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Scheduled or unscheduled data backup
  • primary and secondary administration computers
  • CAS hardware designed for minimal failure redundancy and restore functions and is proprietary to LINESHIELD only. Not usable for other applications
  • CAS designed to minimize service disruptions through rugged design features
Electronic Security Perimeter CIP-002-1
  • Secure access at all dial-in points
  • Connections Authorized and Authenticated
  • Multi-level security protection though password and authorization codes
  • randomly assigned security codes not available to the end user
  • LINESHIELD does not affect any existing equipment within the substations
Critical Asset Identification CIP-004-1
  • Unique Serial Numbers for LINESHIELD equipment
  • Assets/Users recorded permanently in Central Administration System

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